Undercurrents by the Coolum Wave Writers

For those Embiggen fans who live outside of the Sunshine Coast district, you may not know of a local writer’s group called the Coolum Wave Writers. Undercurrents is the third annual anthology of Coolum Wave Writers, a writer’s group on Queensland’s  Sunshine Coast. It features 24 short stories and poems from 1-10 pages each (148 pages of stories and poems) by Ian Laver, Eve Field, Morgana MacLeod, Margaret Lane-Bell, Coral Sturgess, Sophia Mathas, Naomi Scott, Nigel Prior and Steve Reilly. They’re all superb and Warren Bonett of Embiggen Books had the honour of design and illustrating their last offering, Undercurrents. We’ve attached a copy of the cover he did below.

Check out the review of the book by the Australian Literature Review.

Cover by Warren Bonett
Cover by Warren Bonett

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