The Future of the Middle East: Arabian Plights

A Talk by Peter Rodgers Former Ambassador to Israel

The Arab footprint on our world is profound — from Islam to astronomy, from oil to Osama bin Laden. But can the threads of a shared language, a mostly shared religion, and overlapping historical experience equip Arab states to meet the intense pressures of the twenty-first century? Former Australian diplomat Peter Rodgers argues that the most direct way of cleaning up the mess that is today’s Middle East is to remove the Israeli–Palestinian conflict as the prop both for Arab illiberalism and for foreign meddling. He challenges those who baulk at the idea of putting serious pressure on Israel, of dealing with Hamas, or talking to Iran under the mullahtocracy, to explain how they see the Middle East in 20 years’ time.


Peter Rodgers at Embiggen Books from Embiggen Books on Vimeo.

Arabian Plights by Peter Rodgers
Arabian Plights by Peter Rodgers

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