The Environment Day 2009

Yes it’s a new year so where is Environment Day 2010? As many of you will know Embiggen Books presented Noosa Environment Day in Feb 2009. We had a range of great speakers talk on the work that was happening in the region. From waterways pest control to sustainability research. The idea was to bring together the scientists doing the research with the grass roots conservationists and the average person on the street. We also brought in a local politician for good measure. This year with the rise of political re-evaluation of the science of climate change and the social response to it we are attempting to bring together scientists to explain the science behind the theories; or how we know what we know. We were hoping for February, then March but it’s looking more like April now. So watch this space for the second Noosa Environment Day focussing on Climate Change science. Just the facts Jack. Until then why not review the videos of the speakers from last year.

Janet Millington & Sonya Wallace  – Transition Towns


Phil Moran – Landcare


Professor Tim Smith – University of the Sunshine Coast


Dr Dana Thomsen – University of the Sunshine Coast


Dr Julian Pepperell – Pepperell Research


Steve Haines – Greens Party of Australia


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