The Amazing Brain: Use it or lose it?

Talking Science at Embiggen Books: Adam Hamlin PhD, neuroscientist

550 million years ago the first primitive brain appeared on earth. Much more recently, the human brain has evolved into one of the most complex phenomena in the known universe.  In this presentation, Dr Adam Hamlin, a Research Fellow from The Queensland Brain Institute, talks about Our Amazing Brain and what happens to our brains as we age. Along the way, we find out just how incredible the human brain is and what we use our brains for.  One of the greatest challenges of modern neuroscience is to understand what happens to our brain as we age and why the brain becomes vulnerable to diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Find out about current breakthroughs into our understanding of the processes that occur in neurodegenerative diseases and what scientists are doing to find potential treatments for these conditions. One of the prospective preventative measurers currently being explored is the idea that if you use it you won’t lose it. This talk was held in October of 2009.


Untitled from Embiggen Books on Vimeo.


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