Giants in Medicine

Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty and Eureka Prize Winner Professor Ian Frazer in conversation. Moderated by Reema Rattan Health Editor for theconversation.edu.au.


Health Literacy: Public Health & Evidence-based Medicine

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We frequently hear about general literacy levels in the community, and even about science and maths literacy, but rarely about the wider public understanding of evidence-based health matters. The exception to this has been the vaccination vs antivaccination arguments playing itself out in online threads all over the internet; in newspapers and current affairs programmes; and even in celebrity gossip columns with the likes of Jim Carey and Bill Maher making their ideas heard. At Giants of Medicine we’ll hear on these matters and more from two of the world’s most important contributors to medical science, Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty and Eureka Prize Winner Professor Ian Frazer. Discussion to be moderated by Reema Rattan Health Editor for The Conversation followed by 20 mins for Q&A.

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