Espy: Kris Morriss: Exhibition — Thurs, 4th Nov

Kris Morriss
Kris Morriss

Many artists throughout history have found inspiration in the natural decay of erosion — painters, printmakers, sculptors and photographers. Erosion can smooth stone and eat steel — it abrades, corrodes, and reveals. Espy is a photographic exhibition exploring the way nature etches her way through time. Discarded relics in junk piles, exposed to the elements, shed their layers to uncover a quiet beauty.


Kris Morriss is an arts educator who every now and again gets to practise her own art. The photographic images are taken from discarded/disused/defunct machinery and transformed into contemplative works. Each image is beautifully crisp and vibrant, displaying not only her artistic vision but also a high degree of technique and understanding.


The exhibition is on for one month only.

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