Cracking the Code

Cracking the Code

Thursday 6.30pm 18th June RSVP to this events at embiggenbooks dot com or call 9662 2062.
Venue: Embiggen Books 203 Little Lonsdale St.

As seen on Australian Story.

“Stephen Damiani’s persona burns through this story as an intelligent, highly focused fanatic. How else do you save your boy who has been diagnosed with a rare brain disorder, so rare it has no name? All you are told is that the myelin – the insulation that surrounds the nerves of the brain – is missing or breaking down. For little Massimo this meant the signals from the brain weren’t travelling down the nerve pathways. Six years ago, when he was 12 months old, Massimo’s developmental milestones stopped and he was regressing. He could not stand or speak. Stephen and his wife Sally were losing their son; and his prognosis was dire.” – SMH

Embiggen Books invites you to join us to listen to this extraordinary story with Stephen & Sally Damiani in conversation with Leah Kaminsky discussing their extraordinary memoir Cracking the Code.

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