Book Launch: Contempt of Court by Jean Ely

Contempt of Court
Contempt of Court

Unofficial Voices from the DOGS Australian High Court Case 1981
By Jean Ely

Thursday October 20 2011
6:00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
Embiggen Books
197-203 Little Lonsdale St,
Melbourne Phone: (03) 9662 2062

The subject of Contempt of Court is the 1981 challenge in the high court of Australia to the constitutional validity of Commonwealth aid to religious schools. In it Dr Jean Ely explores the documentation, memories and stories of participants in that challenge. Contempt of Court is timely in its release with the Full Bench of the High Court of Australia currently sitting in deliberation in consideration of the Federal funding for the National Chaplaincy Programme. Dr Jean Ely holds degrees from the Universities of Sydney and Queensland, a doctorate from the University of Tasmania and is a graduate in law from Monash University.


ROD QUANTOCK: stand-up comedian and writer.
JOAN COXSEDGE: artist, activist, and a former Victorian Labor politician
MAX WALLACE: author and Director of the Australia New Zealand National Secular Association.

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Contempt of Court Book Launch
Contempt of Court Book Launch

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