Blackford, Doig and Oppy: Australian Made Secularism

Thursday 12th April 6.30pm
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Never mind The Four Horsemen, come and listen to the Trinity.

Russell Blackford, Meredith Doig and Graham Oppy are three of Australia’s foremost intellectuals and they’ll be in-store to discuss possible ways to strengthen the secular nature of Australia’s democracy.

Three of Australia’s finest and most rigorous public intellectuals come together to discuss how the ideas of secularism have evolved over the last few decades and how and why the time has come to strengthen the policies and strategies which hold our multicultural societies together. In the last few years we have all heard arguments from religious figures telling us how secularism is devoid of a moral compass — and that the ills of the world are as a result of this and other inadequacies which they see as part of the secular project. This has resulted in politicians showing increased public piety and the growing influence of religious lobby groups and organisations.

In the USA, Sean Faircloth, the new Richard Dawkins Foundation Director of Strategy and Policy, has put forward a 10 Point Plan for a secular America.  In this vein, our top-shelf panel of thinkers asks:  What could/should be Australia’s 10 Point Plan be for a truly secular nation?

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