Behind the Shock Machine with Gina Perry

GINA PERRY, author of Behind the Shock Machine. Thursday 13th September at 6.30pm. RSVP essential 9662 2062 or email events (at) embiggenbooks (dot) com. Venue: Embiggen Books 203 Little Lonsdale St. Wine and Cheese provided.

Stanley Milgram’s obedience research burst into print in 1963 in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology. In his first journal article Milgram reported that people repeatedly shocked a man they believed to be in pain because they had been told to by an authority figure. He likened the behaviour of his subjects in the lab to Nazis during the Holocaust. The seeming cruelty of his subject, the ingeniousness of the experiment and Milgram’s sensational results – that 65% of people went to maximum voltage – caused a sensation.

Gina Perry is an Australian psychologist and writer. She works as an online communications manager and a freelance writer in web, print, and radio. Her feature articles, columns, and essays have been published in The Age and The Australian, and her short fiction has been published in a number of literary magazines, including MeanjinWesterly, and Island. Her co-production of the ABC Radio National documentary about the obedience experiments, ‘Beyond the Shock Machine’, won the Silver World Medal for a history documentary in the 2009 New York Festivals radio awards. She teaches in the Master of Publishing and Communications at the University of Melbourne.

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