An Ode to Embiggen

One of our favourite supporters Vicki O’Brien penned this most lovely poem for us here at Embiggen Books. How cool is that? We have the finest people in the known universe supporting us and for that we are immensely grateful. Thanks Vicki.

The Embiggen Sonnet

Like stars in dark skies, your words provoke me
Unlike your kind, you delight me with facts
Forsaking new age and pious decree
Proving that reason incites the best acts

Knowledge and truth are a gem by themselves
Yet you stand alone with secular voice
Sound counsel stacked in mahogany shelves
Barring all creeds of irrational choice

Beholden to myth and superstition
They flock to your door with false invention
But, you reveal a striking position
Science is best for life comprehension

With wisdom, you contest the culture war
I sit inside you, my much-loved bookstore

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