AC Grayling: The Good Book

AC Grayling’s principal interests as a philosopher have been in the pursuit of what he describes as ‘contributing to the conversation society has with itself about possibilities for good lives in good societies’ Grayling writes widely on contemporary issues, including war crimes, the legalisation of drugs, euthanasia, secularism, and human rights. In early 2012 he visited Embiggen Books to speak about his latest publication, The Good Book. In this talk he considers his own discovery of the great philosophers of antiquity, his reasons for devoting thirty years to such a monumental task, and reveals some of the the distillation and writing processes he enlisted for this most magnificent achievement.

Grayling is the author of about 30 books on philosophy, including The Refutation of Scepticism (1985), The Future of Moral Values (1997), The Meaning of Things (2001), and The Good Book (2011). 

[vimeo 59623363 w=500 h=281]

Professor A.C. Grayling from Embiggen Books on Vimeo.

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