A new exhibition at Embiggen Books

New Exhibition
3.00pm Saturday 17th April
Homage to the Seed Sophie Munns

Coinciding with the International Year of Biodiversity, Sophie Munns’ Homage to the Seed will highlight the extraordinary diversity and vulnerability of the world’s seed heritage through celebrating what is here on our doorstep in South East Queensland and beyond.

The animating life force present in all living things has been a central focus in the artwork of Munns. ¬†The seedpod form first emerged in a painting series 7 years ago and came to hold great symbolic resonance as both a metaphor for ‘that which gives life’ and as a motif alluding to the world’s wondrous and vast plant heritage.

The school kitchen garden movement, Slow Food movement, contact with organic, permaculture and bio-dynamic food growers, and ecology interests nudged Sophie to explore ways her art practice might celebrate biodiversity and amplify our individual role in preserving this natural inheritance.

Sophie Munns - Homage to the Seed
Sophie Munns - Homage to the Seed

Come down to Embiggen Books on Saturday afternoon to meet the artist, have some light refreshments and take part in this truly exquisite exhibition by emerging talent Sophie Munns.

The Embiggen Books motto is Where Science Meets Art. ¬†Sophie’s work perfectly encapsulates this idea. Homage to the Seed will be well worth the visit, the ultimate cross pollination in concept and execution.

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