Kingdom of the Wicked

630pm Monday 16th of October

RSVP: events at embiggenbooks dot com or call on 9662 2062

From the best-selling author of The Hand that Signed the Paper, Helen Dale winner of the Miles Franklin Award, comes an epic work of speculative fiction.

784 ab urbe condita—31 AD. Jerusalem sits uneasily in a Roman Empire that has seen an industrial revolution and now has cable news and flying machines—and rites and morals that are strange and repellent to the native people of Judaea.

A charismatic young leader is arrested after a riot in the Temple. He seems to be a man of peace, but among his followers are Zealots and dagger-men sworn to drive the Romans from the Holy Land.

Intricately imagined and ferociously executed, Kingdom of the Wicked is a stunning alternative history and a story for our time.

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