Keeping Women in Science

6.30pm Thursday 28th of May. RSVP to this email or call 9662 2062. Venue: Embiggen Books 197-203 Little Lonsdale St.

Despite robust efforts to increase the number of women in science, it’s largely still the domain of men, particularly in the areas of ‘hard’ sciences such as physics. Women scientists leave the profession in greater proportions than men and are under-represented in leadership roles. Gender researcher Kate White’s has found a huge generational change between the Baby Boomers, the current science leaders, and Gen Xs and Gen Ys. Younger women and men reject the traditional model of a successful scientist—a single male for whom science is like a religious vocation. Instead, they support new professional models that support work-life balance. In this talk Kate will explore a few of the areas detailed in her book, Keeping Women in Science.




About the author

Kate White is an internationally recognised researcher on gender and higher education. She is Adjunct Associate Professor at Federation University Australia and Co-director of the nine-country research consortium, the Women in Higher Education Management Network. Her research focuses on gender and higher education, women’s academic careers and women in science.

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