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Graeme Base The Amazing Monster Detetoscope

Monster Detecting with Graeme Base

When our hero uses his Amazing Monster DetectoScope he finds that the house is infested with monsters! Can he find the courage to face his fears? This whimsical take on facing childhood fears features intricate paper engineering and a whole host of hilariously hideous beasties...

christmas star

Holiday Hours

2016. What can you say? What a year. Let's not do that again. On the other hand Embiggen Books went from strength to strength. It was a fabulous year for us. We met so many wonderful people, It really is a dream job to be...


Christmas Hours

DEC 25-28th CLOSED Tuesday DEC 29th 10.30-5.00 Wednesday DEC 30th 10.30-5.00 Thursday DEC 31st 10.30-5.00 Friday JAN 1st CLOSED JAN 2 -10th 10.30-5.00 JAN 11th NORMAL HOURS RESUME COFFEE SHOP REOPENING ON THE 11th OF JAN...

Coffee and chocolate

Coffee and Chocolate

Dark Roast Coffee That's right! Embiggen Books has finally opened its coffee cart for business. We have spent this year perfecting our cart and sampling a lot of coffee. We were searching for the coffee we had been missing, a dark continental roast more common to...

What is energy

The Subtle Concept

6.30 PM Thursday 6th August 2015 RSVP to events at embiggenbooks dot com or by calling 9662 2062 or even just dropping into the shop and letting us know   Energy the Subtle Concept by Jennifer Coopersmith This amazing new book by Jennifer Coopersmith has been praised by Nobel...


Freedom From Religion

Former lecturer of human rights and antidiscrimination lawyer at Canberra University, Meg Wallace will be launching her new book Freedom from Religion: Rethinking Article 18 on 5.00pm Saturday 4th of July 2015 at Embiggen Books. Please RSVP to events at embiggenbooks dot com or call...

Cracking the Code

Cracking the Code

Thursday 6.30pm 18th June RSVP to this events at embiggenbooks dot com or call 9662 2062. Venue: Embiggen Books 203 Little Lonsdale St. As seen on Australian Story. "Stephen Damiani's persona burns through this story as an intelligent, highly focused fanatic. How else do you save your boy who...

Cabinet of curiosities

post apocalyptic society

So, I've been reading The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch by Lewis Dartnell for bookclub. First thing to hit me was how badly prepared I am. Basically unless you're an expert in either chemistry, engineering, or a stunningly skilled general handy-person you're just a little...


Ricardo’s Gauntlet

Ricardo's Gauntlet: Economic Fiction and the Flawed Case for Free Tradeby Vishaal Kishore. 6.30pm Wednesday 12th November RSVP to events at embiggenbooks dot com or call 96622062. 'Ricardo’s Gauntlet is a brilliant tour de force. Mainstream economists unanimously argue that the logic of comparative advantage and national specialization makes...